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Studying memes for the win

I’m having a case of the Mondays, so therefore I decided to procrastinate studying for a few minutes…

With finals right around the corner, this seemed appropriate.  Best of luck, study hard!  I hope the odds are ever in your favour!  #hungergames


Trip to La Sagesse

I can’t believe I forgot to post these pictures, took a day, (a while ago now) to adventure to La Sagesse Beach.  We got a little bit lost, but we made it there in about twenty minutes from True Blue.  It was so incredibly relaxing.  There was hardly anyone there.  The restaurant was almost empty, but the food was lovely!  I indulged in a  virgin pina colada – soooooo yummy!

La Sagesse Beach boasts to be one of the top ten most romantic beaches in the Caribbean.  I have to agree, it’s so serene, secluded and relaxing.

Check it out:  La Sagesse


Harry Potter goes to Med School

What if Harry Potter turned in his wand for a stethoscope?  Would he have a great impact on the medical community with his problem solving skills and seemingly inherited intelligence?

If Harry Potter went to Med School, his favourite class would be anatomy and everyone would try to determine what type of scar he had.

His friends would have to correct his pronunciation of difficult medical words.

Harry is humble, so he wouldn’t act like a gunner.

He won’t lose courage in the face of difficult exams.

Since he loves small spaces, he would probably study in his room instead of a study hall.

Harry will also love OB/GYN, it will remind him of the mandrake roots.

After a while, he’ll feel how the rest of us feel at med school…

He’ll think of Dumbledore while he’s studying and question why he’s studying medicine in the first place.

When he feels like his head is going to explode from all the stress…

He’ll talk to his friends about his decision to go to med school…

and then he’ll realise he was only meant for the Wizarding World!

We’ll miss you Harry, but you are the best wizard we’ve ever known!

Today has been INSANE, but…

Not only was I super late today, but I walked into class JUST as the teacher started to talk, greeted my classmates around me and sat down.  I hadn’t even been sitting for a whole minute before the teacher asked me a question (in an auditorium full of 600+ students).  Fortunately, I knew the answer, saving myself some anxiety later.

For the remainder of the class, I was on high alert.  If I wasn’t awake before, I was definitely in tune now.  I pulled out my notebook to take notes and my binder unclipped sending hundreds of papers all over the place.  CRAP.  Once I got all my life back together, I looked up and it seemed like the professor was literally STARING at me (I sit in the middle back of the auditorium).  I kept thinking to myself WHAT IS IT ABOUT TODAY!?  It has to be my shirt or something.  UGH.

After class I made a fantastic cucumber-tomato salad and black bean burgers.  YUM!  I needed that.  I studied for a bit and then headed to my favourite coffee place where I tripped up the stairs and spilled my espresso all over me.  SERIOUSLY?!  (I’m wearing white pants).  I can’t win.

I ended up going to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner – Sangria and walked on the beach for ten minutes.  Today has been INSANE, but thankfully, the day ended much better than it started!

How to form a habit

Habits are the hardest things to form and the easiest to break.  I’ve made it my goal to lose weight and be fit.  I also strive to be the best possible student I can be.  I’m not perfect, but I try my hardest.  How did I form my habits?

1).  Set a goal.
In order to start a new habit, you have to have a goal in mind.  Set your goal and make sure it’s a SMART goal.  Check out my post about https://heatherbergdahl.com/2014/11/06/setting-goals/
2015-11-25 19.49.45

2).  Find an accountability partner.
I always need an accountability partner, whether it’s studying or working out.  I need someone there to make sure I get my workout in or read all of the material.
2015-11-21 19.51.45-2

3).  Be very specific about what you want to achieve.
I write down all of my progress in my notebook, be specific about what you’re trying to achieve and the time frame you’re going to do it in.  I know exactly what food I eat everyday and how much.  I know what workouts I did at the gym and how much studying I accomplished.  Before the day is over, I set my expectations for the next day to keep myself on track.
2015-11-24 23.06.31-2

4).  Challenge yourself to new levels.
Make your habits live improvements, they should be difficult but doable!  It took me 9 months to lose 52 pounds, but I made incremental goals, once I hit one goal, I made a new one!  It takes 21 days to make a habit, I was determined not to give up!
2015-09-16 20.03.32

5).  If you get off track, it’s ok!  Keep going!
I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to stay on track – especially a diet/workout plan.  I would give in to ice cream, but ONLY once and a while.  Everything in moderation, right??
2015-07-14 19.52.52

6).  Keep track of everything.
Write it all down, track your progress.  You’ll be shocked at how far you come!  If you’re losing weight, take all your measurements.  Sometimes when you don’t see your work reflected on the scale, it’s because you’re losing inches.
2015-11-26 16.44.04

If you have any other tips and tricks for conquering those hard to establish habits, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

5 ways to stop exam anxiety

So, it’s the big day.  You walk into your exam venue with your heart in your throat.  You can barely breathe as you sit down for your exam.  You fumble with your power cord and pen as you get situated.  Your breathing rate increases and you can feel your palms start to sweat.  If this sounds like you, you might have exam anxiety.

It’s natural to have some degree of nervousness going into an important exam, but it’s crucial you know how to calm yourself properly.  Here are my 5 ways to stop exam anxiety:

1).  Take a deep breath.
Three to be exact.  Take three deep breaths.  Inhale completely and hold it for a moment and then release.  If you find your nervousness starts to come back, repeat the deep breathing.

just breathe

2).  Grip your chair.
While seated grab the seat of your chair and grip it as hard as you can and release.   This helps you focus on something else and helps relieve tension.  

chair pug

3).  Get to your exam venue EARLY.
Nothing will make you more anxious than being late.  Make sure you set plenty of alarms and get there early!

late gif

4).  Think positive thoughts.
My mantra is usually “I’m not missing more than ten because I’m going to get an A on this.  I’ve worked hard, I put in the time and I know my material very well.  I’m more than prepared.  Now it’s time for me to show what I know.”

think happy thoughts

5).  Avoid stress pots.
You know exactly what I’m talking about.  The student that is sweating bullets, still trying to review material minutes before walking into the exam.  Don’t just walk, RUN away from these people.  You do NOT need their anxious energy.


Best of luck on your exams!!!

Climb until your dreams comes true

Often your tasks will be many,
And more than you think you can do.
Often the road will be rugged
And the hills insurmountable too.

But always remember, the hills ahead
Are never as steep as they seem,
With faith in your heart climb upward
And continue to reach for your dreams.

For nothing in life that is worthy,
Is ever too hard to achieve.
If you have the courage to do it
While maintaining your faith and believe.

For faith is a force that is greater
Than knowledge or power or skill,
And many defeats turn to triumph,
If you trust in your wisdom and will.

For faith is a mover of mountains.
There’s nothing that you cannot do,
So start out today with belief in your heart
And climb until your dreams comes true.

– Helen Steiner Rice