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The Harry Potter marathon continues…

So in case you couldn’t notice from my last post, I’ve been binge watching all of the Harry Potter movies.  Hopefully I can get finished by tomorrow night.  As of right now I’m watching Prisoner of Azkaban.

Favorite scene:
I don’t know why, but there’s just something so gratifying about watching Draco Malfoy take one straight in the kisser!  I do know why – it’s because all HP fans hate his guts.  Stupid Slytherin.

What’s your favourite Harry Potter scene?


Harry Potter goes to Med School

What if Harry Potter turned in his wand for a stethoscope?  Would he have a great impact on the medical community with his problem solving skills and seemingly inherited intelligence?

If Harry Potter went to Med School, his favourite class would be anatomy and everyone would try to determine what type of scar he had.

His friends would have to correct his pronunciation of difficult medical words.

Harry is humble, so he wouldn’t act like a gunner.

He won’t lose courage in the face of difficult exams.

Since he loves small spaces, he would probably study in his room instead of a study hall.

Harry will also love OB/GYN, it will remind him of the mandrake roots.

After a while, he’ll feel how the rest of us feel at med school…

He’ll think of Dumbledore while he’s studying and question why he’s studying medicine in the first place.

When he feels like his head is going to explode from all the stress…

He’ll talk to his friends about his decision to go to med school…

and then he’ll realise he was only meant for the Wizarding World!

We’ll miss you Harry, but you are the best wizard we’ve ever known!