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Trip to La Sagesse

I can’t believe I forgot to post these pictures, took a day, (a while ago now) to adventure to La Sagesse Beach.  We got a little bit lost, but we made it there in about twenty minutes from True Blue.  It was so incredibly relaxing.  There was hardly anyone there.  The restaurant was almost empty, but the food was lovely!  I indulged in a  virgin pina colada – soooooo yummy!

La Sagesse Beach boasts to be one of the top ten most romantic beaches in the Caribbean.  I have to agree, it’s so serene, secluded and relaxing.

Check it out:  La Sagesse



Today has been INSANE, but…

Not only was I super late today, but I walked into class JUST as the teacher started to talk, greeted my classmates around me and sat down.  I hadn’t even been sitting for a whole minute before the teacher asked me a question (in an auditorium full of 600+ students).  Fortunately, I knew the answer, saving myself some anxiety later.

For the remainder of the class, I was on high alert.  If I wasn’t awake before, I was definitely in tune now.  I pulled out my notebook to take notes and my binder unclipped sending hundreds of papers all over the place.  CRAP.  Once I got all my life back together, I looked up and it seemed like the professor was literally STARING at me (I sit in the middle back of the auditorium).  I kept thinking to myself WHAT IS IT ABOUT TODAY!?  It has to be my shirt or something.  UGH.

After class I made a fantastic cucumber-tomato salad and black bean burgers.  YUM!  I needed that.  I studied for a bit and then headed to my favourite coffee place where I tripped up the stairs and spilled my espresso all over me.  SERIOUSLY?!  (I’m wearing white pants).  I can’t win.

I ended up going to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner – Sangria and walked on the beach for ten minutes.  Today has been INSANE, but thankfully, the day ended much better than it started!

After midterms…

After a tough set of exams, it’s always nice to unwind with friends.  If you’re in Grenada, Prickly Bay is one of the best places to go on a Friday night.  They have live music, lights everywhere and a fun atmosphere.  It’s very casual and towards the end of the evening everyone starts to dance.  There are many fantastic ships sitting right on the water.  It’s a beautiful view.  If you can get to Prickly as the sun is setting, it’s perfect for pictures.  Check out their site:  Prickly Bay Marina


Finals are done and I’m free (for the summer)!

I am happy to say that finals went extremely well and I’m so pleased with the results!  I worked my butt off for those grades and I’m incredibly proud of myself.  I always find it so crazy that the success of test grades always lasts such a short time in my mind.  I’m excited for less than an hour and then it’s on to the next thing.  Can you imagine?  Working for months and months and then only being excited for an hour?  It’s pure craziness!

Over the last several weeks, I’ve taken a barrage of study-selfies and random classroom pictures.  Oh – and I mixed in a few pictures from after finals, check them out:

Kayaking in Grenada

Let me just say… Best full body workout ever.  I got a chance to go with Conservation Kayak to paddle for a solid 3.41 miles to Hog Island and then back to Grenada.  It was an amazing trip!  I had such a blast.  We took so many pictures – I only posted a few as to not overwhelm everyone with my crazy pictures.  We paddled out around 11am and landed on Hog Island just in time for a yummy lunch!  I can’t wait to go again.  The scenery was breath-taking and the experience was unforgettable.  If you’re interested in going kayaking in Grenada – I fully recommend Conservation Kayak.  They are located at Whisper Cove in Woburn Bay.  Check them out!