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Studying memes for the win

I’m having a case of the Mondays, so therefore I decided to procrastinate studying for a few minutes…

With finals right around the corner, this seemed appropriate.  Best of luck, study hard!  I hope the odds are ever in your favour!  #hungergames


5 things I do the night before a big test…

24 hours before a big exam.  What to do… well don’t panic.  Hopefully by now you’ve put in the time, studied the material, reviewed multiple times, practiced questions, participated in study groups and are moving towards mastery.

1).  Organization is the key to success.
Plan your day accordingly – schedule breaks, group study sessions and self study time appropriately.  Write it down!

2).  Light Full Review.
I always do an entire review the day before an exam.  I start early in the morning and work through all of the lectures.  I also put specific time limits on each lecture to make sure I get through everything.  

3).  Relax.
It’s the night before a big test – you know your material- you’ve been reviewing it the entire semester.  Focus on picking out a few minute details and take it easy.

4).  Talk to a calming loved one.
Do not call someone who is going to add extra stress to your plate.  Always call someone who is in your corner and wants to succeed – preferably a positive, motivating person.  

5).  Go to sleep early.
This is extremely important.  I’ve found that I perform so much better on an exam when I sleep versus pulling an all-nighter.  I have an easier time understanding the questions and choosing a correct answer.



Things I wish I knew before I started college

1).  Changing your major is normal.
Make a decision, don’t like it?  Change your mind – change your major.  It happens.  This is your future, don’t settle for something you don’t like.  

2).  Make mistakes.
This is a great time in your life to learn as much as possible.  You will go through a lot of personal growth.  Embrace it!


3).  Some of your classmates with transfer schools.
I transferred schools.  I know a lot of people who transferred as well.  It could be for a number of reasons – you want to be closer to home, different major, better school, etc.

4).  School tours show you the bright side of everything.
Of course the tour guide isn’t going to take you past the grimy gym equipment or the moldy dorms.  They will always show you the best of everything – keep it in mind when touring schools.

5).  You lose touch with people you think you’ll always be friends with.

6).  Talk to your professors.
They are on your side and they want to help!  Trust them – they are the best people to give you advice on learning their material!!!

7).  Classes are hard.


8).  If you were the BIG fish in your high school pond, you are now the teeny, tiny fish in the college ocean.  


9).  If you aren’t getting A’s and B’s you aren’t trying hard enough OR you’re partying too much.

10).  Attendance isn’t required in most of your classes.
Make sure you read your syllabuses.  You need to know what’s required and what isn’t.  Spend your time wisely.  


11).  You will probably fail something at least once.
If it happens and I hope it doesn’t – dust yourself off, re-evalutate and refer to #6.


12).  You will procrastinate and have to deal with the consequences.

13).  You will spend a lot of money.  

Confessions of a College Girl

1).  I’m constantly running off of coffee and a few hours of sleep.


2).  I wouldn’t be able to function without sticky notes.

3).  When the professor runs over class time, I die a little.  
A little dramatic I know, but I hate it when that happens.  I think education is the only business where people are “okay” with getting less than what they pay for – WEIRD, RIGHT????

4).  I’m constantly afraid of failing.
When I study, I have a constant fear in the back of my head that I’ll fail.  I feel like I’m walking a thin line – staying on the line is passing/success and falling off the line is failure.


What are your confessions???

Study Tips

I’ve been a little quiet lately – studying tends to take over my life sometimes… If you need a few tips for a good study strategy, check out my tips:

1).  Location, location location.
It’s just like they say about real estate – location is everything.  If you’re studying in a crowded house with people everywhere, talking to you and interrupting you – chances are you aren’t getting much done.  Pick a spot and stick to it!

2).  “Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.”
I hope this doesn’t go over your head… I might be showing my age slightly!  Anywho – hold yourself accountable to study at the same time everyday, this will put you into a routine.

3).  Be positive!
If you approach studying like it’s your worst enemy, you’re not going to get much done.  Be positive and excited about what you’re learning.  Focus on the end goal!

4).  Cut the internet.
If you can download your materials and turn off your internet – you’ll be 20x more successful.  You won’t be tempted to check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

5).  Hide your cellphone and turn it off.
Self explanatory.  Cell phones are major distractors, if something CAN’T wait a couple hours, text or call the person before you start your study session.

6).  How do you learn?
Are you an auditory, visual or kinetic learner?  Once you figure this out – you can apply the best study strategy to suit you!

7).  Take breaks!
You need to have periodic shut down times when you can sit back and digest what you’ve gone over.

8).  Keep a healthy balance.
I am the biggest violator of this rule, but it’s so important.  If you focus all your time on one thing, your life becomes unbalanced which means an unhappy you!

I found this image on The Health Scout - but it embodies Medical Students perfectly!!!
I found this image on The Health Scout – but it embodies Medical Students perfectly!!!

What works best for you??